Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hills or beaches what surrounds you?

Kerala is known as a land of spices, beaches and greenery but there is more to this state. It is a place that has the capability to fulfill the wishes of two exact opposite worlds. Like, if thinking of owning a house amidst the wilderness and tranquility then purchase a property in Wayanad. But, if your idea is to straighten your back with a placid beach view then get your hands on Property in Kannur. 
These days’ making periodic breaks from the strenuous and erratic work is on the itinerary for many. And for this they choose to embrace themselves in the arms of Mother Nature, be that be in the form of water bodies or flora and fauna. According to some reports, investors now-a-days, look forward to put in their money in buying property in such places so that as they take a break from their busy world, they can choose to be at peace in their own abode.

Now for the verdant lovers Wayanad is the destination for you. Wayanad, known as the land of paddy fields is interspersed with dense forest, lofty and deep valleys and dense forests.  Real estate market here these days is reeling on the booming market and anticipates a spurt in it. Therefore, before the Property in Wayanad escalates to higher value it would be wise to rush into it and purchase your heavenly abode in this paradise of god’s own country. 

Kannur, on the contrary is a place for those who love the beach life as it is known for its pristine beaches it is also famous for handlooms. Purchasing a Property in Kannur is going to be a good decision as with many big players of the realty market wading in there is a foreseeable boom in the market.

However, the decision of the location depends on you, but a piece of advice is sure from us, as per the experts the prices in the real estate will be on the rise, this not at all means that the sellers will have all the smiles because the exorbitant prices for licensing or for holding a land are giving a tuff time to them. On the other hand to recover such prices from the customers is out of sight, the only vent left open is to prune the frills offered with the apartments. Albeit this in not going to deter them for offering a fully equipped, contemporary and high quality product as they have a stiff competition to face.  As a buyer just see your budget and not the product because market is flooded with producers.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Property in Alappuzha Roost to compose oneself

Kerala is a land with bountiful verdant, tranquility and serene backwaters. It is a concoction of commercialization and places to recline. From the hustle and bustle of the metros you don’t have to go away for serenity, if you are in god’s own country. As in its kitty it has places where owning a abode would ensure placidity and ease. Here are two cities that we suggest and are sure to befit the idea of your comfortable and calm house.

The first one inevitably is what is called the Venice of east, Alappuzha. It is popularly known as Alleppey, one of the most visited destinations by the tourist to Kerala, looking to indulge in the green and the surreal environment of the state. Owning a Property in Alappuzha, assures peace and rest after a tenuous work day. With proximity two major cities of the state, Kochi and Trivandrum, it is a fine choice to hide away during weekends. A flat or any other Property in Alappuzha would give you an opportunity to unwind yourself and rejuvenate for the challenging week ahead.

 If commercialization along with soothing surrounding is what you are scouting for then Palakkad is your place. It is on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and, the seventh populous city of the state. Development of the city is on high rise, therefore buying a Property in Palakkad would only fetch you profit in future. Setting up of many prestigious institutions one being IIT is one of the most important and top agenda of the state government. Such and many other advancements are on the list shaping Palakkad into a city to look out for. Therefore, with no second thoughts investing in Property in Palakkad would be a beneficial and wise decision.

The realtors in both areas are putting up their best foot forward by offering opulent, modernly adorned and well equipped properties. Be a flat/apartment or villa, there is no way one cannot find its choice of house they have been scouting for so long. However, before taking any decision be sure of the advices that you are considering. Approach the realtors who know the tricks of trait and have learnt the ropes of the industry, can manifest their advantages and success projects to bolster their reliability. Surety before vesting your trust and money is pivotal, because such decisions are made once and are responsible for many dreams.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Property in Kozhikode, Don't Be Heedless

House hunting is a period of confusion, endless calculations and meticulous planning. Amidst all this sometimes people tend to overlook the factors that can lead to predicaments or untoward repercussions.

Flats in Calicut or Kozhikode, where trading is the business, one needs to keep in mind travelling everyday to and fro from home to work place. Here is a quick guide to glance through while you are on an expedition for a dream abode.

Distance can make a difference:

Well with petrol prices going amuck, make sure that when you are buying Property in Kozhikode, it is not very far from your workplace. Jokes apart , it is no fun to be engaged in gridlock every time you are on the way to work or home, so give a thought to the distance between your office and home.

Necessities to be just around the corner:

Emergencies do not knock on the door before arriving, they crash, so see that markets, hospitals and police station are nearby. Also see that your child’s school is not donkey miles away. Do not buy a flat/ apartment compromising such important destinations; otherwise that money will surely be spent on travelling each day, which is going to cost you fortune as these are long term and recurring expenses.

Resale Value can add volumes:

It is true that no one buys a house with a view to sale it in future. But you never know when one has to pack bags for preferment or to venture in a new company in a new city. Make sure that the property is tuckered in the area which has developmental prospective. With the city where new and big industries are sprouting, buying Property in Kottayam gives you a surety that you are going to fetch a good resale value.

Rental cost can solve costing puzzle:

With growing job opportunities, people will be flocking from places, and will surely be looking out for a shelter on rental basis. So, if you are in a transferable job or purchasing Property in Kozhikode for investment purposes, be aware of the amount that your property can get you if given on rent. Albeit this must not be a deciding factor whilst purchasing a property but centralized location, proximity to market, educational institutions or commercial areas are sure to attract more prospective tenants and give your asset a boost in context of rental potential.

Know your Builder:

Before purchasing Property in Kottayam or anywhere else gather the information about the chosen realtor. Look into the brand value, construction quality, legalities and other rules and regulation that building needs to adhere to in order to be safe and stay away from any hassles. Therefore, it is good to give a heed to such nitty-gritty as we all know that there is no point crying over the spilt milk.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Sculpting a masterpiece called ‘home’

When a realtor conceives a housing project, he/she just not only visualizes the architecture and designing. But also try reading the minds of all those who are going to live in it.  As these flats tomorrow it would be its owner’s pride, an identity, his/her proof of address. In the wake of really rolling developments there has been an apparent surge in the salary packages giving more purchasing power in the hands of the people of Kochi. Current list of clienteles are insatiate with just contemporary living they want their abodes to be stylish and fitted with all the modern and upgraded amenities. Builders in Kochi have felt and learnt about these desires of their clients and are all geared to carve a home that will turn someone’s dream into reality. 

As you stroll in the city and you would be pleased and surprised to see that the builders have left no stone unturned to offer customers their wishful plush flats in Kochi

With realty market looking piping hot many new builders has also entered the market making the competition more stiff and spoiling clients for options. But like professionals builders in Kochi are focused and vigilant about the needs of the customers and thump of the market. Rather than playing dirty they are engaged in analyzing whether they are able to fulfill the promises made to the customers.

If you twirl your eyes around the flats in Kochi, you would see brimming luxury and comfort, a perfect combination for anyone’s dream house. Well, believe it or not all these eloquent features and world class luxuries are out for sale at affordable prices. The speculation is that with realty market catching the eyeballs of the investors and cut-throat competition among the builders in Kochi, they are selling their projects at very lucrative rates. However, all these come along with assured quality, endurance and excellent amenities of the flats /apartments or villas by their builders.

Another striking feature about the flats in Kochi is that you will also be able to enjoy gym services, well pruned parks, community hall, swimming pool etc.  Since most of the builders in Kochi are targeting center of the metropolis most of the projects are surrounded with bustling market nearby, which means that you can get your routine household items at a stone throw distance.

As said sometimes it is just not about owning a house but also about how tastefully it has been done. Therefore, make sure that you are not only buying a shelter but also a place that would reflect your haute idea of living.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

High living, a new way for Kochites

With the advent of developments and their fast pace, people of Kochi are also giving a heed to the convenience and luxury of their roost. Today finding a house for people is just not money, location and the outlook. But proximity, luxury and opulence too, with the increase in the incomes, the standard of living has taken all new phase in every customer’s life. Houses with roofs are the bygones, skyscraping apartments is the new scenario in Kochi.

Looking at the surge among the clients for plush apartments in Kochi, builders are pooling in all the effort to offer a regal, contemporary with a dash of ethnicity apartments to their clients. Undoubtedly, you swivel your eyes and can never go out the sight of lush greenery and surreal view, and embracing oneself in such tranquility in the cozy room of your flats in Kochi would be like cherry on the cake. Trailing the reasons behind the apartments being the first choice these days could be the amenities and fringe benefits that tag along with them.

Another advantage of buying flats in Kochi or anywhere else is that it is ready-made whereas in constructing a house one has to monitor every inch of the work. It is inevitable that builders in order to maintain or build a spotless image will always use the best quality material and will also make sure about the endurance of their property.

Today real estate market in Kochi is on the upsurge, people are foreseeing investment in property here as a beneficial decision. Builders in Kochi are constructing the flats with latest technology. With the advancements and companies plunging in here it is inevitable that the prices of the flats in Kochi or any other property here would surely be on the rise in the near future. Furthermore, investment in real estate also provides you with long term tax benefits with house loans.

With all these perks, it would be unwise and injudicious on your part to let go an opportunity of investment in flats or any property in Kochi. Owning flats in Kochi is safer and hassle free as the maintenance, security and other amenities promised by the builders are either taken care by them or the body corporate.  However, surety on part of the realtors and the brokers is also an important part of buying a property. Therefore, be vigilant, well-informed and wise to track and trace the antecedents of the realtor you have put in your trust to invest your hard earned savings to purchase your dream house. Investment like this involves not only big bucks but also priceless hopes and emotions of all who are going to dwell in it.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Flats For Sale in Kochi – Asset Homes

ASSET OCEAN GROVE – South Chittoor, Cochin

Asset Ocean Grove has a total of 72 two bedroom apartments on 12 floors (Basement + Ground + 12 Floors), 6 apartments each from 1st to 12th floor. Car parking is provided on basement and ground floor.

The project is located at South Chittoor, Cochin. It is near places of worship, points of entertainment and leisure, shopping centres, educational institutions, hospitals like Lourdes & Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Medicity and Container Terminal. The place has easy access to Edappally, Second Phase of Marine drive Walk way, Kacheripady, Kalamassery etc.

The project has the availability of 2 bedroom apartments from 1000 Sq Ft to 1100 Sq Ft.

The rate/ Sq Ft is Rs. 3500/- + 2 Lacs for Car Park + Rs.20/- floor wise hike. Statutory & registration charges will be extra.

You can block your choice of apartment from the availability on payment of Rs. 1 Lac as booking amount.

The community features of the project include club room, centralised gas supply, fully loaded health club, card room, two passenger lifts, roof top party area, intercom facility, guest room, kids play area, toddler toy station, shallow pool, open meditation court, steam & sauna, maintenance on call, 24 hrs security / water & power.

The project is scheduled to be handed over by January 2015.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Luxury Flats for sale in Aluva, Kerala - Magic Lilly in Aqua City

Enjoy good life for here we have every thing you expect in a metro city. Places to dine and shop, to watch new movies, throw garden parties, and to stroll along on lazy evening through waterfront walkways…

Have fun with your kids in the wide open, join the heated debates with elders at the gazebo, or glide along with the silvery waves. Here the days are vibrant and the nights exciting.

• 2 & 3 Bhk Premium Flats
• 22 Storied Building
• 3 Lifts
• Latest Architectural Design
• Earth quake Resistant Design
• Panormonic View of Greenery
• Completion in March 2012
• 2BHK - Rs.25 Lakhs
• 3 BHK - Rs.43 Lakhs
• Completion March 2013


• Swimming Pool
• Garden
• Play Area
• Health Facilities
• Security Personnel
• Club House
• Rain Water Harvesting
• Dining Room
• Other Rooms
• Air Conditioning :
• Furnished Status : Semi Furnished
• Type Of Electricity : PHASE-III

Point Of Interest

• Nearest Airport: Nedumbassery International Airport (14 Km)

For more details visit provide more details on Flats in Kochi