Thursday, 27 June 2013

Earn on rentals at Guruvayoor

There are many reasons behind the development in the real estate in Thrissur. We cannot point out a single reason. Overall economical development, the fact that many new projects are coming up etc can be said as a few reasons. However these are not common for all areas. In real, the entire state is thriving with good opportunities in real estate and the reason will change from place to place. It can be the industrial development in Kochi City and the developments in tourism sector in Munnar and Thekkadi, but it is none above in case of the real estate boom in Guruvayoor, a small temple town in North Kerala.

Guruvayoor, attracts thousands of devotees everyday with the famous Krishna Temple. It also has several other temples such as Mammiyoor Shiva Temple, Kottakkal Ganapathi Temple etc too where all you can see a god rush of devotees. Apart from these temples, Punnayoor Kotta, the place where the elephants of the Guruvayoor Temple have been kept is another attraction here. The compound provides shelter for more than 100 elephants.

Property in Thrissur is always a wise investment option.When thousands of people visit this small town in a day, the existing facilities are not enough to accommodate them. Moreover, most of the devotees are coming with family. This necessity paved the way for a new invention. Many builders in Kerala started constructing apartments and villas and they also help the owners to let it out for a day or two for the pilgrims. Thus they are offering two birds for a single investment. You will own a property here and at the same time you can enjoy the returns in the form of rent collected from the pilgrims.

Owing an apartment or villa at Guruvayoor has become a safe investment nowadays. Demand for accommodation is increasing day by day and you do not need to wait a long month to get the rent. Most of the time the accommodation facility will be rented out for a day or two and immediately you will get the money. Builders who are constructing such accommodations provide all support to the clients in maintaining and managing the property too. They will provide help in cleaning the premises clearly and managing the tenants and in collecting the rents properly if you have inconvenience to be there physical. In other words, your physical presence is not at all required here, but you will regularly get your share of profit without much headache.

Thus, the real estate in Kochi is mainly thriving on this new idea and many reputed builders have already come up with many villas and apartments. If you invest in such projects, it will be a regular income for a life time. If to go with the present trend, the property value will certainly go up and if you want to sell it off in the future, it will certainly get you a real value for your investment.


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